POST Events

POST /events/(event)

Insert a client-side event into the server log. Clients should use this API to record any user interaction events that may be of later interest for subsequent analytics. The structure of the request URI following the initial “/events/” is left to the client. Note that the request body is ignored.

  • event (string) – Path-like user interaction to be logged.

Sample Requests

The following is a hypothetical stream of events logged as a user interacts with a model. The structure and meaning of the events are completely client-driven.

POST /events/models/0bfb94cba9654faf904b6fe8b2aab603/select/component/3
POST /events/models/0bfb94cba9654faf904b6fe8b2aab603/select/variable/1
POST /events/models/0bfb94cba9654faf904b6fe8b2aab603/sort/variable/2
POST /events/models/0bfb94cba9654faf904b6fe8b2aab603/pan?dx=34&dy=2
POST /events/models/0bfb94cba9654faf904b6fe8b2aab603/zoom?factor=2.3