PUT Upload File Part

PUT /uploads/(uid)/files/(fid)/parts/(pid)

Upload a file (or part of a file) as part of an upload session created with POST /uploads.

Use the “pid” and “fid” parameters to specify that the data being uploaded is for part \(M\) of file \(N\). To upload a file from the client, specify the “file” parameter. To upload a remote file, specify the “sid” and “path” parameters with a session id and remote filepath for the file to upload.

  • uid (string) – Unique upload session identifier.
  • fid (integer) – Zero-based file index of the data to be uploaded.
  • pid (integer) – Zero-based part index of the data to be uploaded.
Request Headers:
Form Parameters:
  • file – Local file for upload.
  • path – Remote host absolute filesystem path.
  • sid – Remote session id.
Status Codes:
  • 200 OK – The data was uploaded successfully.